Portales MainStreet


Think about the heart of your community, the traditional business district where it all got started many years ago. The street running through the center may actually be named “MainStreet” or it may be named something else entirely.

Regardless of the name it is easy to recognize that this place is special and unique. The buildings, the stories, the people … all of these elements combine to form a unique place rich with character. We often refer to this place as “mainstreet” or “downtown”. It is the representative physical heart of your community.

But the phrase “mainstreet” has also been used to describe everything from our national nostalgic past to trending economic issues. When the Portales MainStreet Program talks about “mainstreet”, we are referring to Main Street® (notice the trademark), the nationally recognized downtown revitalization movement started several decades ago by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and now administered by the National Main Street Center. This movement is comprised of communities and neighborhoods across America working to revitalize their local traditional business districts by leveraging assets they often already have – from historic, cultural and architectural resources to local enterprises and community pride. It is a comprehensive strategy that addresses the variety of issues and problems that challenge traditional commercial districts.

We invite you to learn more about the Main Street Approach®, the Portales MainStreet Program and its affiliated Portales Downtowns program, and the many wonderful places across our state working to keep the heart of their communities’ vibrant and fun places to live, work and play. Welcome to Portales MainStreet – great places at the heart!